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Cute Halloween Sayings, Short Halloween Sayings For Cards,Funny Halloween Sayings: This Halloween you should not only try to gorge all the candy, you could brighten it up further with spooky and funny halloween sayings. The eerie and dark sayings can be used everywhere including the Halloween Pictures, door hangers, yard decorations and even your gang’s t-shirts. You can also break your halloween sayings quotes and use the phrases on any Halloween craft. As Halloween approaches, you will already be planning your halloween sayings for cards. You could make your greetings special by choosing from hundreds of famous and cute halloween sayings that have always been synonymous with the occasion. Your happy halloween sayings shouldn’t just be limited to the greeting cards you send out to your friends and loved ones. As you pull out your craft supplies, the sayings and phrases can also find their way onto your crafts and projects. Make sure to choose something that’s dark, goofy and eerie. It’s not essential that you use any specific saying for each type of Halloween craft. You can mix and match and make it fun.
 Halloween Sayings
 Halloween Sayings

Cute Halloween Sayings for All

 If you don't get to see a ghost on Halloween, 
don't worry!
Just look at your image in the mirror
and start making merry!
Happy Halloween! 

I'm hiding under my bed
with a pumpkin above my head… 
The city seems to be painted black and red…
Run if you don't want to be dead.
Happy Halloween!

Tombs are open,
and mummies are on prowl…
Witches with cats and wizards with owl…
All searching for us to trick
and treat on the Halloween night.
Wishing you a groovy Halloween! 

 Roses are red and ghosts are white…
On this special day,
let me give you some fright!
Happy Halloween!

You may find it scary,
and feel the fright…
But you're sure to have fun 
on Halloween night.

Wishing you a groovy Halloween!  

Short Halloween Sayings
Short Halloween Sayings

Short Halloween Sayings for Cards

As the scary black cats prowl
and carved-out pumpkins gleam,
I wish that luck be yours on Halloween.
Happy Halloween! 

 O time, when you turn backward,
in your flight…
Make us kids again
just for the Halloween night!
Have a fun-filled Halloween celebration! 

Not candies but sweet kisses are
what I want from you,
and I'm sending you some to
say that you make each of my days a treat!
Have a sweet Halloween celebration!

Your first pumpkin is here,
your very first autumn
and your costume too!

Hope that you have a happy 1st Halloween!  

Funny Halloween Sayings
Funny Halloween Sayings

Funny Halloween Sayings

I’m practicing my zombie role for the upcoming Halloween on my subordinates at work.

You don’t look that scary anymore when you dress that scary zombie costume.

Taping your balls between your legs does not count to be a Halloween costume.

I have to confess, no Halloween costume could ever creep me out as much as your regular attire.

I’m not going let the fact that Halloween is on a Friday stop me from showing up to work hangover on Monday.

For Halloween I can dress as the fat version of any Hollywood actress I want.

I’m going as a zombie for Halloween by slouching half-dead at my desk like every other day of the year.

The scariest part of Halloween is knowing my rent is due the next day.

Halloween Sayings
Halloween Sayings

Final Words
Some halloween inspirational sayings can also help you stand out from the crowd. But make sure that you are not inspiring and encouraging some ghosts and ghouls! If you liked it then don't forget to share our post regarding Halloween Sayings.

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